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Baby in a nappy crawling.

As a new parent, your changing bag is an essential piece of daily kit. It means you can get out and about as often as you like, yet still be ready for anything. Not sure what essentials to buy? Take a look at our handy checklist to help you stock up

The bag

• There are lots of different options when it comes to change bags, but as a general rule choose something comfortable to carry that has enough compartments and pockets for all your essentials. It also needs to look good hanging off your buggy
• Changing mat — You’ll need disposable change mats, or a travel change mat that folds up for easy carrying. Some changing bags include them

Changing time essentials

Nappies — It’s a good idea to pack a couple more nappies than you think you’ll need. You never know when a poo emergency will strike…
Baby wipes — Not just an essential for changing time – baby wipes will help you out of any sticky situation
Nappy bags — Vital for disposing of smelly nappies, but also useful for storing dirty clothes on-the-go
Nappy cream — If your baby is prone to nappy rash, you could carry a travel-sized nappy cream, just in case
Antibacterial hand gel — Keeps hands clean and germ-free
• Muslin squares — Ideal for keeping shoulders clean when feeding out and about. Also useful for mopping up spills and can double as a makeshift bib

Important extras

Snacks — Depending on the age of your little one, healthy snacks could come in handy
• Travel toy or book — These make a great distraction for babies during changes, long journeys and during café pitstops
• Water — You both need to stay hydrated so bring a beaker for your little one and a bottle of water for you
• Spare outfit for your baby — Whether it’s because of a messy feed, spit-up or explosive poo, it’s amazing how often babies need a complete change of clothes when out of the house


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