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Baby eating soft food.

It’s time for weaning! It’s recommended that you wean your baby at around six months, but every baby is different – some may start earlier and others may take longer

You’ll know when your baby is ready when they can sit up on their own, when they have developed some hand co-ordination and take an interest in your food! If you’re not sure what essentials to buy, we’ve put together the only list you’ll need. Why not print it out, ready to tick off items as you get them?

Weaning wonders

  • Highchair with safety straps and floor mat – keep your baby safe and minimise mess
  • Plastic baby bowl  – it won’t break if it ends up on the floor!
  • Soft baby spoons  – won’t hurt your baby’s delicate gums
  • Plenty of bibs – it’s going to be messy at first
  • Plastic plate –  choose a colourful design if possible
  • Beaker with lid – ideal for learning
  • Ice-cube trays and freezer pots – make meals in batches and freeze for later
  • Baby wipes – clean your baby’s face quickly
  • Weaning guide and baby cookbook – get experimenting and try lots of different recipes
  • Food processor or hand blender – brilliant for puréeing
  • Antibacterial spray or wipes – clean surfaces and highchairs easily
  • Microwave or food warmer – really helpful for preparing food

 Stock up on

  • Baby rice
  • Baby porridge
  • Rusks
  • Mini pasta shells
  • Soft, ripe fruit
  • Vegetables for puréeing
  • Finger foods and dips
  • Healthy snacks

Find all these weaning foods and more at

Tesco Baby Club’s tips

  • Make it fun – choose colourful food and don’t worry about mess
  • Think variety and let your little one try lots of fruit and fresh veg
  • Freezing food in batches saves time and money
  • Remember: the old food aeroplane trick usually works a treat!

Ready to get started? Check out our weaning recipes here.


Tesco Baby Club is closing on 17 December 2018.

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