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feel-good fixes for new mums

Not feeling your best after having your baby? Here’s how to tackle some common new mum beauty and wellness concerns with some well-deserved TLC

Once your little one arrives and the exhaustion of sleepless nights sets in, you might find you’re not feeling (and looking) your best. We’ve got a round-up of the problems you might be experiencing, and easy fixes to help you feel better soon.

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1. Post-birth breakouts

Thought you’d seen the last of any spots? Within a week of your baby’s birth, your high levels of pregnancy hormones oestrogen and progesterone start dropping – which means you can find yourself with excess oil production, clogged pores and pesky spots.

The fix: Now you have a little one to look after, a few spots might not be top of your priority list – but if they’re bringing you down, a good skincare routine can dramatically minimise their appearance. Try a really gentle cleanser to help calm the skin.

2. Skin pigmentation

Bad news – those dark blotches (called melasma) that can appear on your skin during pregnancy might take a while to disappear once your little one is here too.

The fix: Make sure you’re always wearing SPF on your face to avoid making the blotches worse. Skin pigmentation can lighten up over time, but consult a dermatologist if you’re concerned.

3. Dark circles and puffy eyes

Your eyes are the first place to show the effects of disrupted sleep and late nights with your little one, so it’s likely you’ll get dark circles, fine lines or puffiness.

The fix: Keep yourself hydrated and try to get as much sleep as possible. An eye cream will also target wrinkles and boost radiance, to help you look more awake than you feel.

4. Soreness ‘down below’

You shouldn’t underestimate the huge strain that giving birth puts on your body – nor should you expect it to disappear overnight either! Look after yourself and don’t push yourself too much in the first few weeks, to give your body a chance to start healing.

The fix: Grab the opportunity for a warm, soothing bath, but be careful about bath products – very new mums should avoid using anything in their bath water initially.

5. Lack of sleep

Yes, we all know about the advice to sleep when your baby sleeps. But it’s easier said than done in the daytime, and some new mums can find it hard to drift back off after night feeds once sleep has been disrupted.

The fix: Stock up on sleeptime products, like soothing camomile tea, to help you get some shut-eye while you’re settling into your new routine.

6. Hair loss

You may have noticed that your hair looked thicker and more lustrous while you were pregnant. During pregnancy, high levels of oestrogen mean you don’t lose hair at the normal rate. But after having your baby, as your hormone levels start to return to normal, you might find that your hair starts falling out again – only this time much faster than pre-pregnancy. Eek!

The fix: Your hair should get back to its normal thickness – and slow down to its normal daily shedding rate – about six to 12 months after having your baby. In the meantime, be gentle with your hair as much as possible. Try an intensive conditioner, and make sure you’re using a good hairbrush too.

7. Flaky, dry skin

Disrupted sleep, continuing fatigue and fluctuating hormones can affect your complexion and cause dry, flaky skin – especially galling if you experienced that ‘pregnancy glow’!

The fix: Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a healthy, balanced diet. A gentle exfoliator and intensive deep moisturiser will help to lift and soothe dry patches.

8. Sore and aching back

Having a baby on board for nine months can put a strain on your back. And with all that bending and lifting you have to do once you’re a parent, you might find the soreness is getting even worse.

The fix: Try applying a warm hot water bottle directly to the affected area to soothe muscle ache. If the pain persists, book an appointment with your GP.


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