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Proper Grown Ups

Becoming a parent makes you realise that this is it. You’re really an adult now that you’ve got to do such grown-up things, like removing splinters from your little one’s finger to managing their life admin (yawn). Here are 8 things that might make you feel particularly ‘adult-y’…

1. Giving out telling-offs

Your child has just shouted a rude word in the middle of the supermarket, and as much as you want to burst out laughing you suddenly realise you’ve got to be a disciplinarian now. Suppress that inner child and get your straight face on – you’re an adult now, remember.

2. Expertly dealing with injuries

From nosebleeds to wobbly teeth, and every kind of cut, bump, bruise and graze you could list – you’re basically a paramedic now with a proper grown-up first aid kit to match.

3. Acing your child’s paperwork

You’ve set up their passport, sorted their bank account and even got them a place at primary school all by yourself. You’ve even added ‘make a will’ and ‘get life insurance’ to your to-do list, just for extra peace of mind.

4. Planning every meal well in advance

You’ve gone from last-minute dashes to the corner shop, to planning the whole family’s lunches and dinners three weeks in advance. Fish fingers and beans may be your signature dish, but at least your kids think you’re Michelin standard.

5. Taking responsibility for other people’s children

The thought of play dates used to fill you with fear and dread. Now you’re a pro at being in charge of someone else’s child as well as your own – even if your play-date strategy mostly involves letting them run around the local park until they’re exhausted.

6. Doing a great turn as Santa Claus

Wait, what? Not only is Santa not real, it turns out you are Santa. Well, that’s a plot twist and a half.

7. Keeping calm, whatever life throws at you

Whether it’s cleaning up poo, sick or dealing with a creepy crawly invasion, it’s down to you to save the day now – and keep your adult cool at the same time.

8. Turning into one of your parents

You’ve started setting off ridiculously early for every journey ‘to avoid the traffic’, and you even keep a stash of spare birthday cards and presents in the cupboard – just like your own parents. Congratulations, you’re officially an adult. Go forth and parent!


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