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After the first few months with your baby at the centre of your world, quality time alone with a partner might seem like a very strange idea! But trust us, there’s nothing better to lift your spirits.

Staying in

This is a good ‘first date’ – you won’t need a babysitter or have the hassle of getting home afterwards, and just a little planning makes it special.


  • pick a night that suits you both – you don’t want to surprise your partner with a romantic meal if they’re planning to work all evening, or had a huge lunch.
  • recreate the nights out you used to enjoy – if you’re film buffs, download a classic; if you love eating out, choose restaurant-style food.
  • make a little effort – even just putting a clean top on marks the shift from baby time to couple time.
  • clear away reminders of the baby. It’s hard to focus on each other if you’re eating beside a highchair.
  • play your favourite music, watch your wedding video or get out pre-baby holiday snaps.


  • cook anything too complicated – remember the expression ‘Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom!’
  • forget romance – it only takes a minute to spray on perfume and light a candle.
  • just talk ‘baby’.
  • get into a ‘tiredness competition’ – no one wins!
  • drink too much if you’re still breastfeeding. If you’d like a glass of wine, feed your baby first – it takes about two hours for a small, 125ml glass of wine to be removed from your system. And don’t forget that your tolerance of alcohol will be low after all those months of abstinence!

No-fuss ideas for fun foodie nights in

  • three classic courses needing hardly any preparation – we’d suggest prawns with avocado, beef medallions, rocket salad and potato Dauphinoise, then something gorgeous and chocolatey.
  • your favourite restaurant choices from the Tesco finest* range. The beauty of not cooking is that you can each have different dishes!
  • a luxurious indoor ‘picnic’ with focaccia, Parma ham, cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and lemon tart.

Going out

A good date out can leave you refreshed and ready for anything your baby has in store for you.


  • leave time to get ready – no one wants to sit in a restaurant with baby yogurt in their hair.
  • choose a babysitter you trust completely, and give them the address and contact number of the place you’re going to as well as your mobile number just in case it’s in a bad signal area.
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  • call home every 10 minutes – you’ll ruin your evening and undermine the babysitter.
  • expect to dance until dawn just to prove you still can!
  • think you have to spend money – go for a romantic walk or gentle bike ride.
  • choose a place with lots of children – it will only remind you of your own.
  • arrange to meet others – this is all about the two of you.
  • feel you have to go out in the evening – a lazy lunch is just as much fun.

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