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pregnant in summer

If you’ve been expecting a baby during the hottest months of the year, you might recognise a few of these…

1. You’ve literally never cared less about getting ‘beach body ready’

This is the summer of love – for your own body. Those adverts about ‘getting in shape’ for summer have never felt less relevant. There’s only one shape you’re aiming for this season, and that’s circular.

2. Keeping cool is your number one priority 

Suddenly, all you want to wear are loose, floaty clothes in natural fibres to avoid the dreaded prickly heat rash. Your best investments are your cool new accessories: a hand-held fan, cooling face spray and multi-pack of ice lollies – they go with everything! Maybe now is the time to get that shorter hairstyle you’ve always thought about?

3. Sunbathing is off the cards

First things first, pregnancy hormones make your skin extra sensitive and more likely to change colour, so before you even step out in the sun, you slather yourself in a high-factor sun lotion (you can find out more about staying safe in the sun on the HSE website). Plus, it’s pretty awkward lying in the sun with your bump when you can’t really roll over – who needs a tanned back anyway?

4. Going out for a drink is a bit different this year

Usually when summer comes around, you can be found making the most of the nice weather in a beer garden with a chilled glass of white wine/G&T/cider (delete as appropriate). This summer, you have to get creative – think lightly sparkling Elderflower in a wine glass, or a fabulously fruity mocktail. Either way, you need cooling down so don’t scrimp on the ice.

5. Flip-flops are the only thing you can fit on your feet

Swollen feet and ankles are the worst. In fact, your strappy sandals haven’t even got a look in this summer. Literally putting your feet up is a good way to keep swelling down, and your new favourite excuse to do nothing. On days when you end up hobbling home from work, get your partner to massage foot gel (from the fridge for extra chill factor) into your poor swollen feet. Aaah, bliss.

6. Standing next to someone with BO has never been worse… 

Morning sickness is only made worse by the heat. You always seem to get stuck next to someone with sweaty armpits on your journey to work, all you can do is breathe through your mouth, and wish for the day when pregnant-women-only buses and trains exist. Bleurgh.

7. You try to avoid other people (more than usual)

As well as those less-than-fragrant fellow travellers, any kind of crowd can get you over-heated and feeling faint. You avoid cramped shops and travelling at busy times – and always carry a bottle of water and a snack in case you feel faint. Okay, truth be told, you always carried that emergency Twix in your handbag, but now it has real purpose.

8. Naps aren’t just for babies

The heat can be really tiring, so taking a nap in a cool room with the blind down is finally a legitimate thing. Try to get your outdoor errands sorted first thing in the morning or when it’s cooler in the evening, and then have a lie down or take it easy during the hottest part of the day.

9. You’re really excited for next summer

Good weather brings everyone out for family fun in the sun. You get excited watching other mums and dads with their buggies and babies, and can’t help but think, ‘That’ll be me next summer!’

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