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Pregnant woman looking at baby clothes

You should have your hospital bag packed and ready to go four to six weeks before your due date – and make sure dad or your birth partner knows where it is. See below for our comprehensive list.

For me during labour

  • Medical notes and birth plan – print a few copies to put in your hospital bag
  • TENS machine – easy-to-use pain relief
  • Old t-shirt or nightie – something you’ll feel comfortable in
  • Bottle of water – choose one with a sports lid
  • Energy-boosting snacks – labour can be a long and tiring business
  • Hair ties or scrunchies – to tie your hair back and stop it getting in your face
  • Water spray or hand-held fan – mums often say cooling down made them feel better
  • Socks or slippers – conversely, your feet can get cold during labour

For me after the birth

  • Maternity towels – you can expect to bleed heavily after birth
  • Disposable maternity briefs or old knickers – as above, this isn’t the time for your best lingerie
  • Two nursing bras – even if you’re not breastfeeding, your breasts need comfy support
  • Breast pads – help soak up leakage
  • Nipple cream – works wonders on sore nipples
  • Towel, dressing gown and fresh nightie – will feel like a little bit of home
  • Flipflops or slippers – nice for getting up for the loo or having a little walk
  • Toiletries, make-up and hairbrush – a shower after birth will be heavenly
  • Mobile phone and phone charger – let close friends and family know the happy news
  • A comfy going-home outfit – you’ll probably still look 5-6 months’ pregnant and you’ll want to be comfortable

For baby

  • Pack of newborn nappies – stock up on these for home as well
  • Nappy cream – good to have to hand
  • Nappy bags – for obvious reasons!
  • Cotton wool or baby wipes – you’ll be changing nappies up to 12 times a day
  • Hat, mittens and socks – you’ll need to make sure your baby is warm enough
  • Baby clothes – three or four sleepsuits and three or four vests
  • Going-home outfit or pramsuit – choose something special!
  • Cosy blanket and soft baby towel – lovely for cuddles
  • Soft muslin squares– useful for pretty much everything
  • Car seat (Group 0+) – it’s against the law to take your baby home in a car without one

For dad/birth partner

  • Magazines, newspaper, book and music – there’s often a lot of waiting
  • Camera/camcorder and spare batteries – for baby’s first pictures
  • Phone and charger – everyone will want to know how you and baby are
  • Change for car park/vending machine – in the rush, this is easy to forget
  • Plenty of snacks and drinks

Other bits and pieces

  • Lip balm – the air on hospital wards can feel very dry
  • Support pillow – hugely helpful for the first feeds
  • Your glasses or contact lenses
  • Facecloth or sponge – even a quick wash will help you feel fresher
  • Disposable bags – useful for taking home dirty clothes

Need to know! Make sure you’ve got these details to hand

  • Important phone numbers
  • Where my hospital bag is
  • How we plan to get to hospital

Tesco Loves Baby top tips

  • Don’t worry – if you forget something important, the hospital may be able to provide it or a visitor can bring it in for you
  • Do make sure your birth partner checks road works or potential disruptions on the hospital route
  • If you think you’ve over-packed, leave non-essential or larger items in the car boot. Your partner can always pop out to retrieve them for you later
  • Remember you can get lots of the things you need for your hospital bag at Tesco!

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Tesco Baby Club is closing on 17 December 2018.

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