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nursery checklist

Getting your baby’s bedroom ready is one of the best parts of preparing for their arrival. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to cots, Moses baskets, baby bedding, changing kit, clothes and other essentials, then take a look at our helpful checklist below.

Sleep time

  • Crib or Moses basket – create a calm, comforting sleeping environment. Your newborn might look lost in a big cot and a Moses basket is easy to move around in the nursery
  • Cot or cot bed – choose one with variable sides and mattress heights so it grows with your baby. See our sleep safety tips
  • Mattress – You should invest in a new mattress, even if you’re using a borrowed cot. Make sure it fits firmly in the cot
  • Fitted cot sheets  or Moses basket sheets. You’ll need at least three sheets
  • Blankets – to keep your little one snuggly
  • Sleep suits – choose plain white or go for bright colours and patterns
  • Baby sleeping bag or swaddling blankets – some parents prefer them as the baby can’t kick them off and get cold in the night
  • Waterproof mattress cover – an easy way to keep the mattress clean and avoid dust mites
  • Room thermometer – your baby’s room should be between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius
  • Blackout blinds or curtains – a great way to get your baby used to the idea of sleeping when it’s dark. You can also buy travel blinds
  • Night light – a newborn won’t be afraid of the dark but you can check on them easily with a dim light
  • Baby monitor – hear your baby from the other side of the house

Baby changing

  • Changing mat – absolutely essential for all those nappy changes!
  • Changing bag – ideal for keeping all your gear in one place when you’re out and about. See our handy changing bag checklist for what to keep in it!
  • Nappy disposal bin – not essential, but helps keep smells at bay
  • A changing table or unit – choose one with raised sides to stop your baby rolling off
  • Antibacterial hand gel – so you don’t have to leave your baby to wash your hands after changing


  • Nappy cream – soothes sore bottoms
  • Baby lotion – great for tackling dry skin
  • Baby wipes – the fastest way to clean your baby during changes
  • Cotton wool balls – kind and gentle on delicate skin
  • Cotton wool buds – great for cleaning outer ears, skin creases and belly buttons (but never use inside the ear)
  • Baby thermometer – the easy way to monitor your baby’s temperature


  • Baby bath and bath support – help keep your baby safe in the water. See our baby bathtime tips
  • Bath thermometer – make sure the water is just right
  • Dressing gown or soft baby towel – for cosy cuddles!

Getting dressed

  • Bodysuits and sleepsuits – your newborn will probably spend most of their early weeks in them!
  • Tops – an extra layer when it’s cold or perfect for warm weather
  • Trousers and leggings – for girls and boys
  • Socks – keep little feet toasty
  • Warm hat – for colder weather. Babies under six months should be kept out of the sun completely, so they won’t need a sun hat until they’re older.
  • Scratch mittens – help prevent your baby scratching their skin

Anything else

  • A comfy chair – makes night-time feeds much easier
  • Storage – now is a good time to get organised!
  • Soft toy – something to cuddle
  • Photo frames – to show off those special pictures

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