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pregnant in winter

If you’ve had a baby on board during the coldest months, you’ll recognise a few of these…

1. You’ve got an excuse to buy a new pair of shoes (yay!)

Unfortunately, it won’t be a shiny new pair of heels. You’ll be more off-balance than usual as your bump affects your centre of gravity, so practical, flat footwear with a good grip is a must for slippery and icy conditions. Side note: don’t be afraid to ask your boss or HR department if it’s possible for you to work from home on those days!

2. You may not feel the cold…

Thanks to your hormones, your bump is like having a cosy hot water bottle tucked up your jumper, making you feel a little more toasty even on the coldest days. If you usually feel the cold, this might feel like your warmest winter yet.

3. …which means layering is key

Your own mum has preached the importance of layering since you were little, and now you finally get it! Shedding or adding layers is a great way to keep at a comfortable temperature when you’ve got baby-operated central heating. T-shirt, jumper, poncho, coat, snood – your whole wardrobe’s invited.

4. Your old-faithful winter coat may be all you need

Depending on where winter falls in your pregnancy, don’t feel like you have to buy a pricey new coat you’ll never wear again. Most coats are quite generous in size, and any style not cinched in at the waist – empire line, parka, pea coats – should fit if you are in your first or early second trimesters and not carrying twins. But for everyone else, you may find that your coat feels snug and doesn’t fasten up over your bump – then it’s time to invest in a maternity coat or a normal coat in a larger size.

5. You’re less likely to get a seat because everyone looks pregnant…

No, it’s not three jumpers and leftover holiday weight – I’m growing a baby in there! When everyone is bundled up in their winter warmers, it’s much harder to tell who’s pregnant. You’ll probably want to shed some layers on a busy train or bus anyway, and this also ensures your bump is visible to those in priority seating.

6. Catching a cold feels way worse

Coming down with a stinking cold is never fun, but in pregnancy it’s even more miserable as many medicines are off limits. Some mums swear by hot Ribena and steam inhalations, but your doctor or pharmacist can advise you on what’s allowed. And the silver lining? If you usually dose yourself up and soldier on, you’ve got good reason to take a few guilt-free days off to rest up and let your body recover with a hearty dose of daytime telly.

7. Staying in is the new going out

As your due date nears you may find yourself in full nesting mode. Staying inside in the warmth gives you plenty of time to batch cook and freeze dinners, get your house and baby’s room ready and generally prep for your new arrival. Online shopping is a godsend when the weather is bad – get all those food, baby and nursery essentials delivered to your doorstep.

8. You dish out words of wisdom to anyone who mentions ‘Dry January’

Not drinking for 31 days? Try nine whole months and making it through the festive season! Now is your time to be super-smug when everyone tries to be healthy and jumps on your sober bandwagon. Cranberry juice all round then?


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